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Flat Frances is my weird little brain child, sure.  But there are many other women who work on the brand, and without these women Flat Frances would just be another idea in the idea graveyard.  I wanted to start featuring women who bring Flat Frances to life.  Today we are featuring Rebekah Hoffer of Rebekah Victoria Designs.  Rebekah makes all of our Flat Frances patterns, as well as patterns for many other brands.  She and I have spent a lot of time together over the past year tweaking and changing Flat Frances bras so that they continually get better and better.  This lady is a total pro, her work ethic and eye for detail continually wow me.  Her design decisions are smart and pointed.  Not only does Rebekah work full time doing pattern making, she also has she own swimsuit line, Rebekah Victoria.  She was kind enough to answer some questions about herself, and her design sensibility!  Read on...


What did you want to be as a kid?

A lawyer, because I like to argue and to win!

Tell me a little about how you got started in design and pattern making. 

I grew up drawing. I would draw shoes and clothes, and play dress up with my sister. When was 18, I lived in Israel and interned with a fashion designer. It was in that year that I realized this was a viable profession, and one that I really liked to do, and it seemed, I was good at it too! So I went to school for it. When I graduated, I worked in the R&D department at a production facility. Then I stepped into the head of production position when that person left. From then on, I've been fortunate enough to find new amazing opportunities that have taught me a lot about the industry and myself. I have never shied away from a challenge. Those challenges are my favorite puzzles to solve.

Can you tell me about your amazing swimsuit line, Rebekah Victoria? What was your inspiration behind the brand?

I started making swim suits for two reasons. First, because I wanted to wear something that covered my skin, so I didn't have to apply so much sun screen. Second, because I wanted a one piece swim suit, and all of the ones in the store didn't make me feel as beautiful and as I know I am. So I started this journey in my home studio. Each suit brought new discoveries about how high stretch fabric wraps around the body, and how subtle manipulations can change the entire outcome of the garment.

In your work, what tool can you not live without? I cannot live without my sewing machines. I have become accustomed to industrial equipment and I never want to go back!

What is something you hoard, and why?

Beautiful stemware and fancy cocktail glasses. I like the tangible creativity of each glass, and I enjoy booze I drink from them.

Who are some of your favorite designers, or style icons?

Alexander McQueen & Balmain, though my designs aren't like either of theirs. I love the exquisite details that these designers put into their garments.

What's your life or work motto?

I've always wanted to make things that made women of all shapes feel beautiful, and the response I'm receiving aligns with this goal. Aside from the creativity of designing, patterning, manipulating and constructing, I'm cultivating an environment for body praise and appreciation. I think all woman are beautiful and sexy, and deserve to feel that way.
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