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What happens when you are running a small business, and need to go out of town, or have an influx of holiday orders...but can't yet afford to bring someone on full time?  Enter Celeste King, and Catapult Creative Logistics! I first met Celeste at Maggie Gentry Miller's Own Your Own Why Intensive.  I was captured by Celeste's warmth and enthusiasm for helping small businesses. Catapult is currently acting as Flat Frances while I'm out of the country.  Before I left, Celeste was kind enough to answer some questions about herself, and her business.  Read on...
What did you want to be as a kid?  I had a babysitter as a kid who also baked and decorated cakes, and I remember thinking that was the coolest thing ever. She made a kit to practice piping frosting, and I was sold. After that, being a teacher remained my dream job until I changed my mind in college. 
Tell me a little bit about Catapult and how it got started. I first entered Austin's amazing creative scene as a wedding planner back in 2014 and through that, made connections with some one the most inspiring women running their own small businesses. Every businesswomen I met had projects they needed extra help with, and I wanted to work with all of them. I stepped back from wedding planing to do freelance work for a few florists and work in jewelry store to learn production and fulfillment. After a few months of brainstorming and business planning, Catapult was born! We play matchmaker for creative businesses looking for temporary or part-time freelancers to help with a wide variety of projects. 
What has been the main thing that excites you about working with small businesses?  Our clients are just total bad-asses who are work every day to build something they are proud of- how can you not get excited about that? Austin's small business community is like no other, and the behind the scenes projects we do to make our client's businesses' grow is so rewarding. 
What tool can you not live without? True to my generation, I am hopelessly addicted to my iPhone, and the countless apps I use to run my day to day life. In real life, you will pretty much never find me without a lighter.
What's the Catapult motto? We are the ultimate small business support system!
Who are some of your female heroes in real life? My maternal grandmother has always been a huge role model for me. She ignored a lot of family expectations to go to college and have her own career, which I've admired from day one. My mom's best friend from college, Phyllis, became a surrogate mom to me after my mom died and for that, she will always be my hero. 
Whats your signature cocktail? Can't go wrong with a French 75, but then again, you can go wrong with more than a few French 75s. 
How do I hire you:
Instagram: @readysetcatapult

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